Antique Wooden Carousels For Sale


1922 Dentzel Deluxe Menagerie – 3-Row Carousel with 48 animals and two chariots.

Currently in storage – $CALL

Maybe the last carousel of its kind to ever be offered again. This is a sister carousel to the amazing machine at Glen Echo Park in Maryland. This impressive machine has 48 figures and two chariots. There are 43 horses; 12 elaborately carved outside row standing horses and 31 jumping horses. Among the five menagerie figures are the powerful lion and tiger as well as a deer, a giraffe, and a rare mule.

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1920 Philadelphia Toboggan Company, PTC #53 – 4 Row Carousel with 68 horses.

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This huge four-row, all horse carousel first operated in Rittersville, PA, from 1020-1950 at Central Park. From there the historic carousel moved to Tampa, Florida, where it was the center of attention at the Super Test Oil Company gas station and roadside amusement attraction. The 53rd carousel built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, this merry-go-round has 68 horses jumping and standing and two chariots on a large four-row platform, all surrounded by detailed and artful trim from the inside out.

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1880s Herschell-Spillman Steam Carousel/ Track 2- row jumping/rocker horses, two chariots. Original steam engine.

This is the real deal. Operated at the Turn of the Century in the Chicago area then moved to Los Angeles in the 70′s. This is the first American carousel with a rotating top. Called the “Twentieth Century Model” in their catalog. The ad pictured is from the turn of the century. $10,000 cash back then is hundreds of thousands today.

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PTC #28 Rare 1914 Portable 3-Row Carousel

Currently in storage – $CALL

This early 1900s archive photo shows PTC #34 built in 1915, just one year after PTC #28, which was built in 1914. PTC #34 was broken up and sold piece-by-piece at auction in 1986 leaving just two original PTC portable machines; PTC #43 in Washington, and PTC #28 with the Strates Shows.


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Grand Looff 4-Row Menagerie Carousel

FOR SALE – Currently in storage in Europe

60-foot diameter platform with 64 animals Includes Armored, Flowered and other intricately carved Charles I. D. Looff horses, beautiful menagerie figures, and two elaborate chariots.



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1922 Spillman Engineering Menagerie Carousel

Currently up and running. Ready to install and operate.

This carousel is a beautiful machine, with 38 animals as well as a spinning tub, a chariot and some very rare factory options. This maybe the only carousel with these options in the world! It features a Spillman Eng. spinning “lovers” tub and 2 rows of special animals, including small jumping horses for the very young. These animals only jump half as high as the normal animals. The carousel is 40-foot diameter and is restored and ready for immediate indoor installation.

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1920s Allan Herschell Carousels

Constant changing inventory – $CALL

Two- and Three-Row carousels, 36′-40′ diameter. Great historic carousels at a friendly price. These machines come and go fast so inventory changes all the time.  These all wooden machines are becoming more rare.


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Philadelphia Toboggan Company PTC #72 Rare 1925 “Signature” PTC Carousel

Built in 1925, PTC carousel #72 carried the nickname “Philtobco”. The nicknames given to machines at the factory presumably distinguished them by style in addition to their numbers for chronology. Although there is nothing specific in the PTC archives to tell us why this one machine was loaded with 16 signature figures, the machine’s nickname of “Philtobco” is certainly fitting as this is certainly a signature carousel.

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Historic Carousel Frames* For Sale


*Original antique historic mechanisms and trim with replacement figures.

These are large park machines that will bring plenty of history to any location at a much more affordable price. These carousels all have their antique frames intact, which, after restoration, will run as well or better than any new machine. On these historic rides, the antique figures were sold off years ago, and the current animals are replacement fiberglass figures – or you can decide on your own custom figures to populate these great historic mechanisms.


1920s Dentzel-Style Deluxe 4-Row (frame w/replacement figures)

Huge 4-row, 58-foot diameter historic frame with 78 replacement figures. Sister in size to the Disneyland Dentzel carousel…

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1927 Dentzel Original Paint (frame w/replacement figures)

3-Row, 50-foot diameter historic frame with 48 replacement animals. The last carousel built by Dentzel…

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1890s Looff from Asbury Park, NJ (frame w/replacement figures)

One of the largest carousels ever built, featuring the historic Looff frame from Asbury Park, New Jersey has 78 replacement animals…

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Inquire about historic mechanisms also available without figures, or with custom figures of your choosing.