1890 Looff Carousel – The Broadway Flying Horses Carousel – Museum Quality Restored

Fully restored and in storage. A Great Piece of American History.
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horse 16The Charles I. D. Looff Broadway Flying Horses Carousel was built c. 1890, and would have operated on Coney Island in its early years. Charles Looff would not move his family and workshop from Brooklyn to Rhode Island until 1905, however, the Looff family had established a summer residence near Riverside, Rhode Island as early as 1886.

The original Salisbury Beach Carousel, The Culver Flying Horses, was destroyed by fire in 1913.
The Looff from Coney Island would take its place in a new building in 1914. The mechanical portion of the machine in built by the William F. Mangles Company who built mechanisms for many carvers. The hand-carved figures are from the Charles I.D. Looff Factory. Later operating out of Riverside, RI, Looff would begin in Brooklyn, NY, and he would build and place the first carousel on Coney Island.

Salisbury’s Culver Flying Horses would later become The Broadway Flying Horses when the Rogers family took over ownership in 1933. The now famous Broadway Flying Horses carousel has 46 animals and four chariots. While operating at Salisbury Beach, it had the musical accompaniment of a 1914 Gerbruders Bruder Band Organ. The carousel’s last owner in Salisbury was Roger Shaheen who sold the carousel in 1977. It was moved to Seaport Village in San Diego, CA, where it operated until it was sold in 2004.

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