Classic – Vintage – Newer Used Carousels

FOR SALE – Affordable Historic, Vintage Carousels

Wooden, Classic Metal, and Newer Used Fiberglass Merry-Go-Rounds

Affordable carousels from historic, classic 1930s-1950s half & half and metal machines to more modern fiberglass and new used wood merry-go-rounds. We’ll find you a Vintage Carousel to meet your budget and needs.




Historic 1928 Allan Herschell -Mix Carousel- 3-Row – SOLD

• 30 Figures with Menagerie Mix and 2 Chariots
• 36’ Platform. Delivery and installation available.
• The carousel has been restored is currently up and operating in California.

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Circa 1931 Rolls Royce Portable Roundabout Carousel

The roundabout is mounted on a 40/50hp Phantom-type front axle beam. It has a brass Property of Rolls Royce motors name plate & comes with a letter of provenance from noted marque historian Mr John Fasal.

PORTABLE: 20′ Diameter Platform – 3/4″ solid oak floor
The center pole and all other mechanics are trailer mounted

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1950s Allan Herschell 36’  with 30 animals • 2 Chariots Great Canvas and Scenery

The pictured carousel is a similar one to one we have in stock. This machine is a perfect outdoor carousel. The updated trim has 600 lights! It is available is your choice of colors.

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Rare 1930s Allan Herschell 36’ • 2-Row • Half & Half Carousel • 20 Horses • 2 Chariots

This is a rare find of a great, smaller size, 2-row carousel. The 36-platform has 20 classic Allan Herschell half-and-half horses and two chariots.

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1920s Allan Herschell • Fully Restored • Ready to Run • 20 Horses • 2 Chariots • 2-Rows • 28’ diameter platform

This is a beautiful 20-horse custom, hand-crafted carousel on a historic frame. The horses and trim were carved by Ed Roth, one of the great carvers of our time.

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1991 Bertazzon Double Decker Carousel – 36 Foot – SOLD

Indoor or outdoor operation – includes top
36-foot diameter platform – 14 sections

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1990 Barrango 2-Row Menagerie Carousel – 32 Foot

2 Rows • 22 Animals • 1 Chariot
Deluxe Ceiling, Housing & Trim

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1920s Antique Children’s Carousel • 2 Row • 20 Animals, 2 Chariots

Illions and Heyn-style horses, Bayol-replica rabbits and donkeys, Heyn replica zebras and Devos-style cow make up the “best of” kiddie menagerie.

PORTABLE: 20′ Diameter Platform – 3/4″ solid oak floor
The center pole and all other mechanics are trailer mounted

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1949 Hennecke German Auto Carousel 

All Original Frame, Drive, Trim and Center Band
Needs TLC – Available “As Is” or Fully Restored

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Inventory on all classic and newer used carousels changes frequently.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask us and we’ll find it for you.



Classic Used Carousels…


These are classic metal machines and historic as well. Mostly build post-WWII through the 1950s, like their predecessors, these merry-go-rounds were built the old fashioned way — to last forever.
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Newer Used Carousels…


These are more modern used carousels, mostly fiberglass machines (some wood). These machine are great affordable income producers for malls, Family Entertainment Centers (FECs), Halloween Pumpkin Patches, Christmas Tree Farms and other seasonal family entertainment venues, as well as small parks and even back yards.

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