1920s Allan Herschell with Ed Roth Horses – 28-Foot Carousel




















1920s Allan Herschell • Fully Restored • Ready to Run
20 Horses • 2 Chariots • 2-Rows • 28’ diameter platform

This is a beautiful 20-horse custom, hand-crafted carousel on a historic frame. The horses and trim were carved by Ed Roth, one of the great carvers of our time. This was his personal carousel, he built for himself and operated. Ed took extra care in the detail on every piece of this machine. It may be one of the finest carousels he has ever produced.




 The machine is 28 feet in diameter with the 20 animals, two chariots, oak floors, fencing, everything you need to get up and running today. The frame of the carousel is a restored 1920s Allan Herschell – built when things were built to last – and every part you could ever need is still available, but you won’t need any for a long while. This machine is ready to install and run. The animals have a fresh paint job and are perfect. This is a great carousel at a great price for anywhere from a mall or other public location, to your home or any other private location.





Priced to sell – less then one-third the cost of ordering a new, custom-carved wooden carousel – and this is available now – not in 2 years. And, because of the antique frame, this merry-go-round qualifies to be listed on the US census of historic carousels, a huge extra plus for this machine (if you choose).

Delivery and installation available. This machine is ready to run.

Currently the carousel is in storage in Southern California.

Foreign export no problem. The carousel is currently stored in oversea containers and ready to ship.


Please call or write for full details.