1928 Allan Herschell – Mix Menagerie Carousel


Historic 1928 Allan Herschell Carousel – SOLD

3-Row with 30 Figures and 2 Chariots. Herschell Deco Trim.
Spillman, Herschell and mix of figures aboard.
Restored and ready to set up and run.





Historic 1928 Allan Herschell Carousel

3-Row -Menagerie - SOLD

• 30 Figures, 28 horses with Menagerie Mix and 2 Chariots.
• 36’ Platform. Delivery and installation available.
• The carousel has been restored is currently up and operating in California.
• Nice variety of Spillman and Herschell horses aboard.
• Classic Allan Herschell “Deco” inner housing and trim.
• Menagerie includes fiberglass Dentzel Hippocampus and Dentzel Cat with Catch.

• Priced to sell •

Less then one-third the cost of ordering a new carousel. And, this not only one has historic value, it is available now, (not in 1-2 years). With the antique frame and horses aboard, this 1928 Allan Herschell/Mix menagerie carousel qualifies to be listed on the US census of historic carousels – and The US Resister of Historic Places.



You can also view the Flipbook presentation on this carousel.