Used *Historic Carousels For Sale

Historic Used Carousels For Sale

*Original antique historic mechanisms and trim with replacement figures.

These are large park machines that will bring plenty of history to any location at a much more affordable price. These carousels all have their antique frames intact, which, after restoration, will run as well or better than any new machine. On these historic rides, the antique figures were sold off years ago, and the current animals are replacement fiberglass figures – or you can decide on your own custom figures to populate these great historic mechanisms.


1920s Dentzel Deluxe 4-Row (frame w/replacement figures)

Huge 4-row, 52-foot diameter historic frame with 78 replacement figures. Sister to the Disneyland Dentzel carousel…

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1927 Dentzel Original Paint (frame w/replacement figures)

3-Row, 50-foot diameter historic frame with 48 replacement animals. The last carousel built by Dentzel…

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1890s Looff from Asbury Park, NJ (frame w/replacement figures)

One of the largest carousels ever built, featuring the historic Looff frame from Asbury Park, New Jersey has 78 replacement animals…

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Inquire about historic mechanisms also available without figures, or with custom figures of your choosing.