Americas Most Experienced Carousel Company

Brass Ring Entertainment [BRE] has been in the carousel restoration business for over 20 years. The owner, Daniel Horenberger, has been actively involved in carousel restoration for nearly 30 years.

BRE has experience with the restoration of Classic Carousels produced by every major American Carousel Manufacturer: Looff Carousels, Illions Carousels, Dentzel Carousels, PTC Carousels, Herschell-Spillman Carousels, Carmel Carousels, Dare Carousels, Parker Carousels and Allan Herschell Carousels. From 1880′s steam carousels, classic 1920′s wooden machines to the more modern aluminum carousels we have done them all. Let our experience work for you.

Museum Quality Carousel Restorations


BRE is the leader in documentation. Every step is completely photo documented. “Do you know what’s under the paint on your carousel”? You do if BRE restored it. From the removal of the paint, repair of the wood, to the new paint application, you will receive photo evidence of the restoration.

Not only after the project but also during the project photos of work can be view on our Current Projects Page page at BRE is the only company that allows you to watch from your computer as we restore your carousel. This not only helps you today, but also generations from now when the question is asked, “What’s under the paint”?

Trust Experience

Carousels are unique pieces of equipment. In order to properly restore an antique carousel, you need to rely on someone who has extensive experience and an established track record, someone who can handle all aspects of a professional restoration.

Brass Ring Entertainment has assembled the finest crew of artisans and engineers in the business. As a team they have been restoring carousels for over 15 years and have built up a large inventory of parts, patterns and equipment to assist in any restoration project.

Brass Ring is a world leader in antique carousel restoration and repair. Let Brass Ring’s experienced staff of artists and mechanics bring your machine back to its original glory. Do it right the first time.