Brass Ring Carousel Co. Replaces the Center Gear on the Historic Riverview Carousel


The 1908 5-Row PTC #17 Carousel At Six Flags Over Georgia

Ready to Run for Another Century




Six Flags Over Georgia carousel building. Scott Fabbro photos

Six Flags Over Georgia carousel building. Scott Fabbro photos

















Austell, GA – This is how a grand, historic carousel should look when you approach it, clean, a bit pristine, with sights, sounds and smells of a simpler time. And for most riders, this is how the carousel looks and all they will ever see. Not that there is all that much more to see – just a pole and some braces – some gears leading to some other gears and some drive thing. Oh, and some grease.


That’s what most would see if they visited the carousel’s inner housing. Overall, the engineering of the overhead jumping mechanism carousel is pretty basic, and has not really changed in a century. The improvements have been simple. We’ve found ways to make better, stronger gears and bearings to replace the old, and new greaseless fittings make things much cleaner and nicer. And the good news is that a century ago, they built things to last. Many of our antique carousels are still running with much of their original mechanisms intact. But, 100 years is a pretty good run even for things built to last, so every year it seems at least one antique carousel out there is ready for a new center gear, and you’ll likely find the bearing is ready to crumble in your hand when you get there, so might as well do that, too.

















Although the engineering principles are fairly basic, that does not make them simple. To get three tons or so of suspended wood and steel to spin like a well balanced top is not a simple feat, nor is replacing the gear at the center of 5-rows of 70 horses, and then reassembling it all, to spin again, like a well balance top. That’s what they did last winter for the 1908 PTC #17 at Six Flags over Georgia, so be assured that their prized Riverview Carousel will be operating smoothly for another 100 years.






Six outside row standers on the 1908 PTC #17 Carousel at Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GA. Scott Fabbro photos

There are 70 horses total on the huge, 5-row Riverview Carousel.

To plan a visit to this grand historic carousel, visit the Six Flags Over Georgia website.