Historic Carousel and Organ at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, Jan. 2014


The 2014 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Collector Car Auction will Feature the Sale of a Rare 1922 Spillman Antique American Carousel, and an 1865 French Band Organ

At its 40th Annual Collector Car Auction, Barrett-Jackson will be the First to Auction an Antique Carousel on Live Prime-Time TV – Tune In Barrett-Jackson on NATGEO, Saturday Eve., Jan. 18

Scottsdale, AZ – This year, at its 40th Annual Collector Car Auction in January, Barrett-Jackson will include a historic 1922 Spillman Engineering Carousel among its 1,000 plus fine, classic automobiles.

Barrett-Jackson-Scottsdale-GalaEntering its 40th year, the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Collector Car Auction has grown to eight days, with six days of auction and approximately 1,000+ vehicles as well as nightlife, fashion shows and more...

New Crank Shafts for Historic New York State Carousels

1909 PTC #18 Carousel at Destiny USA, Syracuse, NY.

PTC #18 Carousel at Destiny USA, Syracuse NY.

New Crank Shafts for 1909 PTC #18 at Destiny USA and for Broome County’s 1934 Allan Herschell Endicott Carousel at George W. Johnson Park

Reprinted from The Carousel News & Trader, Vol. 26, No. 10

By Dan Horenberger

The Carousel Center Mall [now Destiny-USA] contacted us about getting their carousel ready for its 20th anniversary and making the carousel ADA compliant. Since the installation, the carousel never had all of the crankshafts working correctly. Many were broken and the State of NY ride inspectors tagged others as not usable.

Brass Ring Carousel Company was brought in to make all new crankshafts. The first step was having the inspectors pass our drawings. All of our drawings needed to be stamped by a certified Mechanical Engineer...

Restoration of the1895 Astroworld Dentzel-Muller Menagerie Restoration


1895 Astroworld Dentzel-Muller Menagerie Carousel Saved from Auction Intact in 2006.
Fully Restored by Brass Ring Carousel Company and Currently Operating in a Private Museum

1895 Dentzel/Muller Carousel • 3-Rows • 2-Tier Platform • 25 Horses • 27 Menagerie

Armored stander after restoration.

Armored stander after restoration.

Houston’s Astroworld Carousel Saved Intact!

Excepts from The Carousel News & Trader, February 2006

Houston, Texas – Houston’s Astroworld-Six Flags closed at the end of the 2005 season, and on very short notice, a public auction at the park was scheduled the weekend of January 7, 2006.

Dan Horenberger of Brass Ring Carousel Co...

2001 San Francisco Zoo Dentzel-Illions Carousel Restoration


Restoration of the San Francisco Zoo 1921 Dentzel/Illions Carousel

Brass Ring Carousel Company assembled the finest carousel talent ever on one project for the restoration of the 1921 San Francisco Zoo Dentzel/Illions Carousel in 2001.

San Francisco Zoo Carousel • Ca. 1921 Dentzel/Illions Menagerie • 36 horses • 16 menagerie • 2 chariots


San=francisco-zoo-carousel-horse-restored-20012001 San Francisco Zoo Carousel Restoration Team-

Archivist and Original Paint Discoverer:
Rosa (Ragan) Patton

Animal Paint Artists:
Pam Hessey
, Lise Liepman

Wood Restoration:
John Hughes
, Bill Hughes
, Tim Racer

Trim Painting:
Ed and Leslie Kitts

Paint Stripping:
Rand and Zenon Lukasiewicz

To plan a visit to the historic carousel and zoo, visit them at sfzoo.org.

 Mechanical and trim…

New Ring Gear For 1895 Crescent Park, RI Looff Carousel


Crescent Park’s Magnificent Looff Carousel Ready For Another 115 Years

Although the Amusement Park Closed in 1979, the Grand 4-Row Carousel was Saved Intact and In Place


East Providence, RI – Our job at Crescent Park started when we got a call from Oliver Barrette Millwrights, Inc. of Providence, RI, for a carousel gear replacement. They had been taking care of the Crescent Park carousel for over 30 years, handling all of the mechanical issues with no problems. They said this replacement was a little beyond their ability.

I said no problem, we do carousel gears all of the time, not to worry. Then we saw the problem – dual facing 48” 78 tooth bevel gears with 18 pinion gears sandwiched in between. This was not just any other carousel gear...

Brass Ring Carousel Co. Replaces the Center Gear on the Historic Riverview Carousel


The 1908 5-Row PTC #17 Carousel At Six Flags Over Georgia

Ready to Run for Another Century

Six Flags Over Georgia carousel building. Scott Fabbro photos

Six Flags Over Georgia carousel building. Scott Fabbro photos


Austell, GA – This is how a grand, historic carousel should look when you approach it, clean, a bit pristine, with sights, sounds and smells of a simpler time. And for most riders, this is how the carousel looks and all they will ever see. Not that there is all that much more to see – just a pole and some braces – some gears leading to some other gears and some drive thing. Oh, and some grease.


That’s what most would see if they visited the carousel’s inner housing. Overall, the engineering of the overhead jumping mechanism carousel is pretty basic, and has not really changed in a century...

Three Rare Historic Carousels at November 16 2013 Union IL Auction

Three Historic Carousels at One Auction: November 16, 2013 • Union, IL

• 1925 Philadelphia Toboggan Co. PTC #72
• Solar Powered 1940s Classic Allan Herschell
• 1880s Steam/Track Carousel

Donley-auction-logo-sm   For Auction details, visit DonleyAuctionServices.com

Individual carousel details below:


1925 Philadelphia Toboggan Company PTC #72 Rare “Signature” PTC Carousel

3-Rows • 48 Horses* with Two Chariots *16 PTC Signature Horses

Built in 1925, PTC carousel #72 carried the nickname “Philtobco”. The nicknames given to machines at the factory presumably distinguished them by style in addition to their numbers for chronology...


New Fiberglass Carousels • Available in 30, 38, and 50-Foot Sizes


Brass Ring Entertainment has stock fiberglass carousels available in three different sizes;

30-foot, 38-foot and 50-foot diameters.

Customize your new carousel with your choice of a variety of styles and trim packages (shown) and a selection of more than 100 fiberglass animals.


Choose From More Than 100 Horses and Menagerie Animals

Brass Ring Entertainment has new fiberglass carousels available in three stock sizes; 30-foot, 38-foot and 50-foot diameters.

Customize your new carousel with your choice of a variety of trim packages and a selection of more than 100 fiberglass animals.

Samples of horses and menagerie figures available are shown below (click photos to enlarge):

Americas Most Experienced Carousel Company

Brass Ring Entertainment [BRE] has been in the carousel restoration business for over 20 years. The owner, Daniel Horenberger, has been actively involved in carousel restoration for nearly 30 years.

BRE has experience with the restoration of Classic Carousels produced by every major American Carousel Manufacturer: Looff Carousels, Illions Carousels, Dentzel Carousels, PTC Carousels, Herschell-Spillman Carousels, Carmel Carousels, Dare Carousels, Parker Carousels and Allan Herschell Carousels. From 1880′s steam carousels, classic 1920′s wooden machines to the more modern aluminum carousels we have done them all. Let our experience work for you.

Museum Quality Carousel Restorations


BRE is the leader in documentation. Every step is completely photo documented...