A Look In On The Restoration Of The 1927 M. C. Illions Supreme


Brass Ring Carousel Company is Currently Restoring the 1927 Illions Supreme. The Supreme is considered by many to be;

“The finest carousel ever built.”

This Supreme is the third and last of only three known to built, and this is the only one to remain intact.




The 1927 Illions Supreme. The last of the Illions “Triplets”

The last of its kind, the 3-row 1927 M. C. Illions Supreme Carousel of which just three are known to have existed and only this one remains intact. Illions’ youngest son, Barney, said his father often spoke of his prized “triplets”, referring assumably to his last three carousels, the Supremes in which he aimed to bring his carousel carving to its highest art form.

This spectacular machine and its amazing horses is in the midst of a multi-year restoration.

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Restoration of the1895 Astroworld Dentzel-Muller Menagerie Restoration


1895 Astroworld Dentzel-Muller Menagerie Carousel Saved from Auction Intact in 2006.
Fully Restored by Brass Ring Carousel Company and Currently Operating in a Private Museum

1895 Dentzel/Muller Carousel • 3-Rows • 2-Tier Platform • 25 Horses • 27 Menagerie

Armored stander after restoration.

Armored stander after restoration.

Houston’s Astroworld Carousel Saved Intact!

Excepts from The Carousel News & Trader, February 2006

Houston, Texas – Houston’s Astroworld-Six Flags closed at the end of the 2005 season, and on very short notice, a public auction at the park was scheduled the weekend of January 7, 2006.

Dan Horenberger of Brass Ring Carousel Co...

2001 San Francisco Zoo Dentzel-Illions Carousel Restoration


Restoration of the San Francisco Zoo 1921 Dentzel/Illions Carousel

Brass Ring Carousel Company assembled the finest carousel talent ever on one project for the restoration of the 1921 San Francisco Zoo Dentzel/Illions Carousel in 2001.

San Francisco Zoo Carousel • Ca. 1921 Dentzel/Illions Menagerie • 36 horses • 16 menagerie • 2 chariots


San=francisco-zoo-carousel-horse-restored-20012001 San Francisco Zoo Carousel Restoration Team-

Archivist and Original Paint Discoverer:
Rosa (Ragan) Patton

Animal Paint Artists:
Pam Hessey
, Lise Liepman

Wood Restoration:
John Hughes
, Bill Hughes
, Tim Racer

Trim Painting:
Ed and Leslie Kitts

Paint Stripping:
Rand and Zenon Lukasiewicz

To plan a visit to the historic carousel and zoo, visit them at sfzoo.org.

 Mechanical and trim…