Restoration of the1895 Astroworld Dentzel-Muller Menagerie Restoration


1895 Astroworld Dentzel-Muller Menagerie Carousel Saved from Auction Intact in 2006.
Fully Restored by Brass Ring Carousel Company and Currently Operating in a Private Museum

1895 Dentzel/Muller Carousel • 3-Rows • 2-Tier Platform • 25 Horses • 27 Menagerie

Armored stander after restoration.

Armored stander after restoration.

Houston’s Astroworld Carousel Saved Intact!

Excepts from The Carousel News & Trader, February 2006

Houston, Texas – Houston’s Astroworld-Six Flags closed at the end of the 2005 season, and on very short notice, a public auction at the park was scheduled the weekend of January 7, 2006.

Dan Horenberger of Brass Ring Carousel Co...

2001 San Francisco Zoo Dentzel-Illions Carousel Restoration


Restoration of the San Francisco Zoo 1921 Dentzel/Illions Carousel

Brass Ring Carousel Company assembled the finest carousel talent ever on one project for the restoration of the 1921 San Francisco Zoo Dentzel/Illions Carousel in 2001.

San Francisco Zoo Carousel • Ca. 1921 Dentzel/Illions Menagerie • 36 horses • 16 menagerie • 2 chariots


San=francisco-zoo-carousel-horse-restored-20012001 San Francisco Zoo Carousel Restoration Team-

Archivist and Original Paint Discoverer:
Rosa (Ragan) Patton

Animal Paint Artists:
Pam Hessey
, Lise Liepman

Wood Restoration:
John Hughes
, Bill Hughes
, Tim Racer

Trim Painting:
Ed and Leslie Kitts

Paint Stripping:
Rand and Zenon Lukasiewicz

To plan a visit to the historic carousel and zoo, visit them at

 Mechanical and trim…