Welcome to Brass Ring Entertainment [BRE]

Behind the direction of owner, Daniel Horenberger, we have been a full-service carousel company for more than 30 years, working with clients that range from small towns to big cities, to amusement parks and most recently, many private individuals. If you need or want a carousel – from a grand historic park carousel to an affordable but reliable solution to your ride needs – you have come to the right place!

indianPonyTraditionally Crafted Wooden Carousels

We produce the highest quality, custom built wooden carousels available in the world. Among our past projects; in 2001 BRE produced a Western-themed carousel Elk City, Oklahoma’s Centennial Celebration. In 2009 BRE produced an complete custom wooden carousel to the world-famous Butchart Gardens in Canada. Currently, BRE is constructing for a private party, a customer-designed wooden carousel – wooden center pole and all.

Leader In Antique Carousel Restorations

smRoseOver the years, BRE has restored nearly every kind of carousel ever made. From Dare to Dentzel, Looff to Illions, PTC to the Herschell Companies. At this time, the 1927 Illions Supreme is undergoing complete top to bottom, museum quality restoration.

High Quality and a Commitment to Excellence

Owned and operated by carousel legend, Daniel Horenberger, BRE has proven itself to be the dependable source for all things carousel. With an impressive history and an unwavering commitment to excellence, BRE is destined to continue its leadership in the carousel world far into the 21st century.

When We Say Full-Service, We Mean It!

BRE’s owner, Daniel Horenberger, will work with you from initial concept to opening day to assure that your carousel will be the focal point of your location.

Ultimately, at BRE, we see carousels as not only income generating attractions, which they are, but also as tangible pieces of civic pride that a local community will cherish for generations and visit again and again. And they look pretty nice, restored and preserved in a private back yard just as well as they do a city park.