Rare Historic Mechanical Music Instruments

Band Organs, Dance Organs, Fairground Organs, Street Organs, Nickelodeons, Orchestrions, Violanos, Calliopes… From Wurlitzer, Ruth & Sohn, Mortier, Artizan, Hooghuys, North Tonawanda, Bruder, Gavioli, Limonaire and more.


57_Key_Hooghuy_Organ-front3L.Hooghuys 57-key Band Organ

One of only four 57-key L. Hooghuy known to exist, this is the only one in the USA…
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Minerva Mortier Dance Organ - SOLD

Huge 20 feet wide by 16 feet tall. Known as the “Minerva from the factory” this organ fills the wall at 20′ wide x 15′ high.┬árestored by Johnny Verbeeck…
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1865 Gasparini “Gypsy Queen” Band Organ

The “Gypsy Queen” calliope (band organ) was built by Alexandre Gasparini in 1865. At one time it played from a wooden pinned cylinder. When the system using perforated cardboard books of music came into use, it was converted to play from such. It was originally a 52-key organ…
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Rare Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ - SOLD

This organ has a complete history back to the factory and has its original factory with lights…
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This is just a sample of the mechanical music available.

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