Restoration of the1895 Astroworld Dentzel-Muller Menagerie Restoration


1895 Astroworld Dentzel-Muller Menagerie Carousel Saved from Auction Intact in 2006.
Fully Restored by Brass Ring Carousel Company and Currently Operating in a Private Museum

1895 Dentzel/Muller Carousel • 3-Rows • 2-Tier Platform • 25 Horses • 27 Menagerie

Armored stander after restoration.

Armored stander after restoration.

Houston’s Astroworld Carousel Saved Intact!

Excepts from The Carousel News & Trader, February 2006

Houston, Texas – Houston’s Astroworld-Six Flags closed at the end of the 2005 season, and on very short notice, a public auction at the park was scheduled the weekend of January 7, 2006.

Dan Horenberger of Brass Ring Carousel Co., Sun Valley, CA, stepped in and bought the carousel early, saving it from the ever seeing the auction block and eliminating any chance of the historic merry-go-round being broken up.

The Astroworld carousel was a very special, circa 1895 3-row Dentzel (with many Muller carvings) and is populated by 7 standing horses, 18 jumpers and 27 menagerie figures on a two level platform.  The menagerie includes: two bears, one camel, four cats, one deer, one giraffe, one goat, two lions, four ostrich, four pigs, four rabbits, one tiger, one zebra, one hippocampus.

Armored stander before restoration.

Armored stander before restoration.

Brass Ring Carousel Co. removed the machine and will be doing a museum quality restoration on the entire carousel. It was very important to the Six Flags Corporation and Brass Ring Carousel Co. that the carousel be preserved, not broken up.

Amusement parks have become very aware of the importance of classic antique American carousels. The new ownership of Six Flags should be applauded for their decision to save the carousel from the auction so it can be guaranteed to be intact and restored.

It’s been a long time coming but finally some amusement park companies now understand the historic value of carousels to Americans. We are only the caretakers of them until the next person comes along.

The fully restored Astroworld 1895 Dentzel-Muller Carousel is now up and operational in a private museum collection.


Restored and Installed:

Carousel animals – Before, Color Sketches, and Completed Figures:

Carousel Trim Before and After:

Figure Restoration Progress to Primer: