Three Rare Historic Carousels at November 16 2013 Union IL Auction

Three Historic Carousels at One Auction: November 16, 2013 • Union, IL

• 1925 Philadelphia Toboggan Co. PTC #72
• Solar Powered 1940s Classic Allan Herschell
• 1880s Steam/Track Carousel

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Individual carousel details below:


1925 Philadelphia Toboggan Company PTC #72 Rare “Signature” PTC Carousel

3-Rows • 48 Horses* with Two Chariots *16 PTC Signature Horses

Built in 1925, PTC carousel #72 carried the nickname “Philtobco”. The nicknames given to machines at the factory presumably distinguished them by style in addition to their numbers for chronology. Although there is nothing specific in the PTC archives to tell us why this one machine was loaded with 16 signature figures, the machine’s nickname of “Philtobco” is certainly fitting as this is certainly a signature carousel.

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Solar Powered Classic 1940s Allan Herschell Carousel

3-Rows • 30 Horses and Two Chariots on 36′ Platform

The only antique carousel completely powered by solar energy. Over 40 solar panels and battery system make this antique 36′, 30 horse carousel 100% green and off line.

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horse11880s Herschell-Spillman Steam Carousel/ Track Carousel

2-Rows • 24 Horses and Two Chariots. Original Steam Engine.

This is the real deal. Operated at the Turn of the Century in the Chicago area then moved to Los Angeles in the 70′s. This is the first American carousel with a rotating top. Called the “Twentieth Century Model” in their catalog. The ad pictured is from the turn of the century. $10,000 cash back then is hundreds of thousands today.

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